July 2024 Reminders!

  • Meeting on July 10, 2024
  • We do not meet at usual location this month. Check the July newsletter for meeting location.

Meetings 2nd Wednesday of The Month

“Happy hour”, which is when we tap the keg, begins at 7pm.  The meeting starts at 8:00pm at

Brief History

The “Gesangverein Virginia” (German for “Singing Association of Virginia”) is one of the oldest German clubs in the United States, having been founded as a men’s singing society by German immigrants in Richmond, Virginia, on July 2, 1852.

Today it is a men’s social organization, which promotes good German and American relations, knowledge of Germany and other German language countries, and German culture and language.

Today its membership consists of German immigrants, American born men of German descent and men without a drop of German blood, all of whom enjoy the “Gemütlichkeit” of club functions.

Becoming a member.

Richmond Oktoberfest

We Partner with Deutscher Sportclub to Present the Most Authentic Oktoberfest In the Greater Richmond Area.

2024 Oktoberfest

18-19 Oktober 2024

Meadow Event Park